Friday, December 12, 2008

Love the idea of a tabletop tree and from what I've read, they were really popular back in the Victorian days....we discovered that our new cat loves to eat plastic!.....I put down a small artificial tree on the floor to see what she would do and she immediately went over and started to we didn't put our big tree up this year.....I have a small (tiny, actually, only about 2 ft. high) I put up on a table and decorated but its not the same. The boys really want the big tree up but the danger to Bandit doesn't make that possible. Maybe we can eventually get a nice 3-4 ft. one in the future.
Joko is really flirting with danger....he discovered the cats and since has been teasing them.....
the little critter just doesn't have much fear.....not a good thing in a mouse!