Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Chat

More rain today....and they say it might snow by tonight..the mountains look wonderful and I hope to get some photos but right now there are too many low clouds around them for a good shot. We are so thankful for the rain and it is such a blessing here.....the water authority people have been saying if we don't get good rainfall this winter, there will be mandatory rationing next spring and summer.

Donny was a judge at a communities light show on last Friday and he says the lights were spectacular...I hope we can get over there to see them one night this week. The latest thing are the computerized lights that are connected to music....we don't have anything near as complicated but these are sure pretty....would be fun to do, although I don't know how much your electric bill would be! I got this display off of Youtube but Don says the winner of the contest had something very similar.

Great, huh? if you'd like to see more, at the end of the video, click on some of the bottom photos on the strip and it will take you to others...

I am going with Alan up to Hesperia, Ca today and will probably see some snow as we are going through the Cajon Pass. The pass was closed most of yesterday because of snow....there is a REO house there to re key. Should be a pretty drive so I will take the camera and see if I can find any good photos to share with you...Hesperia is in the high desert.