Saturday, December 13, 2008

I was busy yesterday addressing Christmas cards and have the majority of them finished....
we woke up cold weather and gray skies.....the heat is coming on constantly so its a cold weekend. The weatherman says there is a big storm coming in and snow down to the 2,000 ft. level so we may be a little of the white stuff.....although it probably won't stay on the ground.

I need to cover up the strawberries today just to be safe. We are so glad we planted fruit trees now that can tolerate freezing more citrus to have to protect!
I thought maybe you would like to hear more of the beautiful music of Celtic Women again..
This is Carol of the Bells......

Joko got a good talking to by his Uncle Squiggles...hope it did some good..even his brothers are telling him how foolish he's been.