Monday, December 8, 2008

We got started!

Alan and I dug out all the Christmas boxes and started is our Christmas village..still needs some tweaking as some of the lights were burned out and the top cabinet light is also.....

Here is a garland I made last year, using my prim mini donuts and gingerbread men...I used some homespun and jute with wooden red beads too..

The boys really like this little set I made using a old cigar box...the mice are visiting Santa.....the Phat brothers and little Tinny mouse.....Santa Mouse (really Uncle Squiggles) is giving out old Cracker Jack toys....

Here is Uncle Squiggles aka Santa Mouse

The Phat brothers....Joko Phat is wearing a little "bling", he found a old toy and a bit of string for a necklace

Little Tinny got his present already and is waiting for the others..

Mice don't spell for very well...I am not sure if Santa will be giving the brothers any presents this year, they may get coal. They have a little "attitude"...smiles..
I gave all the mice rusty wire paws so they can really hold their gifts...had a lot of fun creating these guys...and they all fit inside the box after the holiday...

Opps! Almost forgot the postcard

On our little antique kitchen cupboard...I have a Christmas plum pudding..

and a prim apple pie..

They both smell really great....

wishing everyone a great Monday!