Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Road Trip, Dog of the Week and more, Phew!

As I mentioned yesterday, Alan got called to go up to the high desert to re key a REO house...I like to tag along on these longer give him some company. The photos are clickable for better looks...

This is past the old Air Force base....lots of snow in the mountains.

This is coming over the hill into San Bernadino and Riverside, approaching the Cajon Pass.

Approaching the start of the pass...

The Cajon pass...note the train....the day before it was entirely closed because of bad weather..we figured we better get up there while there was a window of time before the next wave of storm came.

Snow in the desert! As we got towards Hesperia, the snow had melted off but it was still very cold and as we finished the re keying, the temperature started dropping...there were two contractors that met us at the house as they were going to do some estimates on repair...we all hustled trying to get done and get down the pass before any more snow came. When we left, we saw a bank sign that said it was 43 degrees and dropping.
I didn't take any photos of the house, but it was nice...all the homes in the neighborhood were on large 1 acre lots...which I love....and very quiet. All around you can see high mountains covered in snow...the only sound you could hear was an occasional train whistle..Be a great house to go off the grid and put solar panels up for had a nice big fireplace too. Housing prices there start around $50,000 up. Might be a nice place to retire if you don't mind desert heat.

Afterwards, we went to another house in Whittier....and since we didn't have a good map, got a little lost...took us quite a while to find our bearings....the second house was dinky, a old 1940s cottage that had been remodeled......made a cute 2 bedroom in a funky 3 bedroom with the garage made into a room. The additions were not well done and probably not to had a space heater. If it were mine, I'd take off the additions and bring it back to its darling cottage look. After we re keyed it, we promptly got a little lost again, trying to find the right freeway to get home back after dark.

This getting lost convinced us to get a GPS system as soon as we can afford to...they are getting cheaper...we wasted a lot of time fighting traffic on the wrong freeway until we realized our mistake.....
This will be a long posting today, as I need to do the dog of the week too and of course, another vintage card.....

This is little Fluffy, a 6 year old Shih-Tzu....very friendly and active..he loves to climb on top of his dog house, aka Snoopy...wonder what he is dreaming of on his dog house? Perhaps his forever family?

At this time of year, the dogs can really need your help...with the bad weather, they are always in need to warm blankets, and food...if you can help in any way...even a small donation does help..please visit the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue
and thank you so much to my readers who have really is making a difference in the lives of these little ones whose lives have been so disrupted.