Monday, December 15, 2008

We woke up to rain, rain, rain...and wind.....Alan had a job this morning but had to reschedule as it was an outside gate job....he couldn't use his electric drill in the rain! California really needs the rain so I am sure not complaining but do pray for the fire areas as there hasn't been enough time for any greenery to grow back so mudslides will be a problem. Its fairly cold too, but no snow here...not quite cold enough.
We covered up our strawberries so they should be ok. The apple tree is losing all its leaves. The fig tree still has a lot of its leaves but it partially gets sheltered by the house. In the front, our big tree (Alan and I still haven't figured out what kind it is) is raining leaves with the wind.

Yesterday evening, I had enough ingredients to make us a pot of Friendship was tasty and makes a big pot. There are four jars waiting for their direction tags (I was in a swap so should be getting 18 different tags this week to use).

Donny brought home 3 large sweet potatoes so I boiled them and made a sugarfree Sweet Potato
Pie which we enjoyed again this morning for breakfast. I like this better than pumpkin. I think I put too much shortening in the crust as it was hard to roll out and I ended up piecing it together.

From the weather report, most of the country is having bad weather so please be careful driving and stay inside if you can.....I need all the readers I can get!

Joko just won't listen to anybody, not even his Uncle Squiggly.....the cats only have so much patience....