Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday thoughts

After my posts the last few days, I've been doing around the house and noticing how much energy we really use...I turned all the ceiling fans off since its cooler now and we don't really need them on...we have a ceiling fan in every room and I am remembering to turn lights off....also a big energy waster is the computer so I put it on stand by, that's supposed to save energy and yet you don't have to wait for it to boot up every time.
Someone shared this great blog, Down to Earth and I've really enjoyed Rhonda Jean's posts about green city much to read there and I've only scratched the surface. She's a older lady too (like me) which I like.
The ladies in the photo.... I wish it was in color as I think their dresses were probably really pretty...I like the old fashioned 30s and 40s prints, don't you? I know there are reproductions out there but with no yardage stores anymore, makes it hard. If you have a yardage store in your town, count yourself blessed as they're really disappearing. I was told by a Walmart employee that Walmart is phasing out all fabric and crafts too.

Here is a interesting interview of one of the young people who really helped get Sarah Palin nominated for VP....very refreshing.