Tuesday, October 14, 2008

California fires

There are fires burning northwest and north of us + a fire south of us but they are far off so far...we are in a good place so no worries....our backyard faces a busy street, and on the other side is a Wahlgreens and a vacant lot, no weeds or brush. There are low hills with brush a football field length away but its mostly rocks. Fires and earthquakes are a fact of life here, just like snow and hurricanes are in other parts of the country. I haven't heard how these fire started but did hear two people have died so please pray for our brave firefighters, police and rescue workers as well as anyone in the area of the fires....very scary.
Our youngest has expressed an interest in firefighting...they are always looking for more people so it might be ok for a short while...the pay is very good but its hot, dirty, and dangerous work.
This photo is of a fire way northwest of us, it was taken yesterday.
The main bad part for us is the air quality...last year when there were closer fires, the air was so bad, they closed the schools and ash fell on the ground like snow. Alan re keyed a house that was nearby a bad fire and everyone there were wearing masks to help them breathe. I am glad we just replaced the filters in our heater unit, we have a good one and it does clean the air quite a bit.