Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Living off the Grid and Pet of the Week

Hi, this wonderful puppy who is named Gigie who is about 4 months old and a Aussie mix...she will make a wonderful family dog with some training (she's still very young) and has a sweet can find Gigie at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue...she's waiting for the right family.
Could that be you?

Some have suggested going back to older times, and getting off of the first, I didn't realize what they were talking about...but now I know....going back to the time before electricity, running water and inside how the Amish live...I don't know how many would like to give up all the modern conveniences we have today, especially hot showers at any time but I discovered one blog where one family is going for it....her blog is called Living off the grid at Elclectic Culture Farm...I am following this blog as I find it interesting and wonder how a young family with small children will cope....if it were me, what would I miss the most and what would I consider the most challenging?
First, I think I would miss having hot water and having to work so hard with the laundry. We seem to do a lot of it with the two boys....hanging the clothes out to dry isn't so bad.
Second, I am not fond of outhouses, especially at grandparents had a lake cabin and we used an outhouse...they used a woodburning stove at the cabin and not hot water either...but it wasn't too fun to get up in the night to either trapse out to the outhouse or use the chamber pot that was in the bedroom. As a child, I didn't like either...
No microwave, no TV, they are using battery charged radios and will be logging their adventure on a battery charged laptop computer. No, they are not becoming Amish, but she does say in the blog, the Amish around the area have been very nice to them and are helping them adjust. The Amish family who sold them the farm left behind some of their equipment for them to use which was great.
Anyway, what are the two things you would miss the most? Is this the kind of lifestyle you could adjust to?