Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week, Prayer Requests,

This is Sassy, she is a sheltie mix and is microchipped..very nice dog and great with kids, she is 4 years old and loves to go on walks....would be a wonderful loving pet for a family..I don't know her background but possibly given up because of the financial situation so many are having...she is housetrained can find her at Sun CityK-9 Dog Rescue
No worries here on the fire situation....its far from us now.......thanks for the concern. Please pray for all the firefighters, rescue workers, police. and the people who have been evacuated from their homes, Red Cross workers too.....
Speaking about the financial situation in this country.....there seems to be some sloppy thinking about redustribution of wealth...the Democratic candidate wants to tax the wealth and corporations and give it to the middle class and poor...a kind of social experiment...but when I put ourselves in the place of the wealthy or corporation...what would I do? I'd have one of several options...first, find loopholes to hide some of the money, downsize and let workers go to get to a lower tax base, quit, or depending on how big the company is, move overseas.
Did you see the conversation Obama had with a plumber? he tried to tell the plumber that it was a good thing for him to be heavily taxed, it was didn't go over very well.

I'm sure the poor are going to create jobs, aren't you?

I am trying to find a halloween type background forthis blog but all the pumpkin type ones are too bright and glaring.....this will have to do..I went through about 6 of them......good news is I found a really nice one for the holidays.