Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been struggling most of the day to get my photos for Etsy sized correctly...seems like they're either too large or too small and when Etsy re sized them, they look out of focus..rather frustrating but I think I've figured it out. I am not a good student of photography...I like to just point and click but am learning. Alan is just too busy to do it for me and at first, I was a little angry but repented of it. I tend to lean on him too much and not try to do things myself. The little camera they bought me has a booklet with it and I studied it last can actually set it to take photos in 3 sizes. It was simply a matter of reading the book.
The boys had intended on going to Magic Mountain all ready, had sandwiches made, ice box packed and were in the car when Alan discovered it was closed...good thing he was able to catch them before they left. I guess they are closed on Mondays now...they are in their winter
season. So they both went to the mall instead...and smiles, we ate the sandwiches....
we didn't get any calls today, sadly, but got two checks in the mail. Haven't heard anything yet about that second job...hope we hear something this week.
I cooked a chicken, simmered it all day with carrots, onion and celery...nice broth and the house smells so good. Its cooling right now and I will take the meat off the bones...Alan wanted some chicken soup with veggies.
I put a new little journal in my InspirationMemory store is a little blue covered album that is named Blue Suzi..
Trimmed it with vintage handmade tatting and some blue ribbon. I have two more in the works....went through alot of my craft stuff and found more albums so will work on them this week.
I was able to empty two storage boxes of stuff and gave some to the next door neighbor.
I gave her some stuffed animals for her little toddler and a fall table runner for her + matching napkins. I have collected too much stuff in the past and its just sitting in boxes..I had picked up the runner at an after Christmas Walmart sale and never even used it or the napkins, they still had the tags on them...she has big family get togethers so probably could use them. She was delighted and I lightened our load a little.