Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

This is Hershey, a beautiful chocolate lab....his owners left him at the shelter for financial reasons. So many lovely pets are being turned in at not only Sun City K-9 Dog shelter but many of the other shelters in the area...Sun City is limited as to how many dogs they can accept...sadly, Don has had to take many up to the main branch, the Ramona Animal shelter who only keeps the dogs for 5 days before destroying them...
That is why we went to Ramona to get our Bandit, to rescue her....they do keep cats a bit longer...Bandit was there for 6 months..but it's a more institutional facility...Don says its like prison.... Bandit has some signs of being in that place for so long but is relaxing and realizing she's not leaving, that she is home.
Hershey is very friendly and gets along well with the other dogs....Labs are one of the sweetest dogs of the larger breeds as anyone who has had one can attest...
If you are reading this and haven't voted yet in the contest, please do so...we are trying to get as many votes as possible to win $10, would really really help the shelter and there is no obligation for you...just click on the button that you see on the left hand side of the blog...and thanks for everyone who have voted..