Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Craft Show!

The craft show has started this morning and my booth is open...the link is on the side..this is one of the journal jars I have listed...the western one..its my favorite and the one I am most proud of....its covered with photos of vintage western scenes and cowboys, embellished with old buttons and western charms and wrapped with rusty copper wire...inside is over 100 questions for journaling...such as Describe your childhood bedroom, what was your most embarrassing moment? How do you feel about politics? What is your favorite hymn? These questions really help start memories flowing....
My jars are truly unique, and one of a kind.....I offer them for $16.00 which includes the shipping. You can find them in the booth at the left top. Hope you check them out as they make great gifts for an older person or any one who wants to start writing a journal...if you would like one for a younger person or child, let me know and I can create one just for you for the same price, and suitable questions.
I went through all the other booths this morning and there are many nice things.....lots of prim items and too! They are having a contest to win $50.00 so please head on over there and see if you can win!