Friday, October 3, 2008

My Thoughts

Did you watch the debate last night? Most of America did and I know we were so happy to see the real Sarah Palin...not the caricature that the media had projected the last few weeks...she is a real person with a good head on her shoulders, witty, personable and intelligent...very likeable..
she made no mistakes and did very well...
I also discovered that the other candidate, Joe Biden is a good man, I don't like the Democratic platform but he came across as a good American and a good moral person too....he did make quite a few mistakes, at least 9...about John McCains voting record in particular.
I think whatever happens in this election, we are going to be seeing a lot more of Sarah Palin and she has a bright future ahead of her..I would love to see more conservative women in politics.
I am feeling a bit better this morning...been gargling with warm salt water and its helping my throat....old fashioned treatment that works...along with lots of fluids, Motrin and rest.....about the only thing one can do for a cold....I can't take most of the cold pills that are on the market....they make me too tired and sleepy...I do take Nyquil at night which knocks me out completely....the gargling has helped the most and taking the soreness away.
Do you have any good cold treatments you use?