Saturday, October 25, 2008

Living off the Grid III, lighting

The Tile lady left a comment and its something I was going to post about anyway, the so called green light bulbs, the ones that everyone seems to be pushing are not that good. We've used them, but neither of us were there seems to be safety issues about them. They do contain small amounts of mercury and have to be disposed of very carefully...there is a story of one woman who having broke one accidentally and the consequences of it, here's the story
I know they are phasing out the old fashioned bulbs, but still there must be a better alternative...if I find one, I will let you know. Perhaps they can improve the environmental bulbs, hope so.

We have quite a few old oil lamps, I just love them...I have one my parents bought back in the 60s at the Calico Ghost Town general store, plus others I've collected over the years, at estate sales, etc. They have sure come in handy when we've had power outages. Lehman's a store in Ohio who caters to the Amish and anyone who wants to "get off the grid" has lovely lamps of all types plus any parts you may is a link to their lamp page Their prices seem quite reasonable also. Lehman's has a cool online catalog and its fun to explore. All non-electrical too.
Here are a few of our lamps which we use quite often..

The middle photo is a finger lamp and quite old...we paid too much for it ( naturally) at a antique store in Alan's home town of Independence, Ia. Its over 100 years old about the same age as the curio cabinet that its on.
The large one on the table is the one I spoke of that was my mom and dad's and the other single one, last photo, is one I picked up at an estate sale...the small purple medicine bottle is one Alan found when he was digging in the backyard.

As you can see, we really haven't decorated much for Halloween..but if you visit my other blog, I have a nice video of someone who really went all out in a family friendly way, with great music too...I really enjoyed watching it, and hope you will too.