Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is such a wonderful time of year.....I saw this graphic and it reminded me of the times we used to go to Wisconsin with Alan's family to get apples, cider and goodies...every October we would take a vacation back to Iowa and get into the car convoy with all his was so much fun....there would be about 6-7 cars (he has a big family), we'd go with his mom and dad..we'd stop at a park along the way, and have a packed lunch...then go along the Mississippi into Wisconsin.
The air was cool and crisp. The trees along the river were in their beautiful fall colors.. As we drove across the bridge to Prairie Du Chein and towards Gays Mills , the countryside became more hilly and beautiful. There are about 7 different stops with nice country fruit stands, gift shops, etc. We'd all fill the cars with produce. One place in particular had an outdoor grill and we had grilled bratwurst with never tasted so good as that day.
Of course, the store owners were a little over whelmed when 7 cars pulled up and the family piled out...Alan has a large family, 3 brothers and 6 sisters with their spouses and kids. There was lots of laughter, jokes and fun.
I hope the kids remember these good times as most of them are grown now with children of their own.