Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Tale of Frenzy and Fleas

We had a interesting drive yesterday into downtown Los Angeles..and I took tons of photos but can't find the cord to  put them onto my computer drive..so that will have to wait...meanwhile, I wanted to tell you a funny true story about one of Alan's "adventures" locksmithing......

He went  to re key a foreclosed house...he had a jacket on but since it was getting warmer took it off....while working on the front door, he suddenly noticed millions, (literally) millions of fleas....he quickly put his jacket back on..pulling down the sleeves...and made sure (he thought) his pant legs were down around his ankles and socks were pulled up to protect his legs..

...the realtor came...and as walked toward the front door, Alan warned him about the critters...the realtor jumped back, and started brushing his face, arms and legs furiously...yelling, "Get them off, get them off!" and then "What are they, what do they do?" Alan told him they suck your blood...that did it....the man ran out into the middle of the street, yelling  "I don't want them to suck my blood..no, no!"     "No blood sucking, no blood sucking!" He then ripped off his shirt, wildly dancing around in the middle of the street, running up and down..beating himself with his shirt...Alan had to laugh, it was so funny..........
It wasn't quite as funny when Alan got home and found his ankles looking like the above photo..evidently some of the fleas had gotten caught inside his socks, and had quite a feast.........!
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