Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am not in a bloggy mood today.....we woke up to cool skies and wind. It got down into the low 60s last night and yesterday I noticed the fig tree was losing its leaves so I guess fall is here.......I am wondering if we will get any more hot days......
Yesterday, I worked out front, weeded a flower bed, swept the stoop, etc. It looks better...I'd like to decorate the front of the house with some mums and pumpkins but sadly, no funds for that right now......but its neat and clean again.....with the wind, most of the streets leaves comes into our yard.

I've had in the back of my mind a story idea......what do you think of two women who work as locksmiths....I am not sure what to call their company but I've got alot of stories about different rather exciting adventures..spooky houses, funny situations, and things that have actually happened in real life (remember the foreclosed house where they found the dead agent?) I thought have two women would be a little unusual and a good twist. What do you think? and also do you have any ideas for a name for their company?