Thursday, October 8, 2009

Odd Thursday Thought about TV Commericals

I am really starting to hate certain know the ones...I think they are made for ADHD people..... after the 20th time of seeing them......the jumping graphics, and music makes my brain go on overload...Alan just mutes them...I especially dislike the one medication commercial where the shadows walk around with pink lungs... I find that one very irritating. I also hate the birth control one with all the women doing water ballet.... Honestly, do we really need to know about washing used catheters? Some things I don't want to know. REALLY, I don't want to know... Are there some ads that bother you or is it just me?
We have a local one too that drives us batty..this gets the immediate mute

and believe me, this is the best of the bunch.....this is so bad, its almost good.