Saturday, October 3, 2009

Road Trip

sorry I didn't post yesterday..we went on a road trip...first did a little work on a foreclosed and for sale house in Murrieta......we had to install smoke dedicators there... then headed up to San
Bearnadino to re key a foreclosed was in an older established neighborhood, rather pretty street lined with tall trees...the house was in good condition, just needed some cleaning and perhaps new has a very pretty fireplace...San Bearnadino has so many palm trees...more I think than Palm Springs...this is what the freeway looked like..sorry, you can see our clipboard with road directions in the reflection.....we don't have GPS....but do fairly well with online maps.
I am getting things together for the story....I have a little notebook, I am putting ideas down in...characters, plots, etc. I figure if I get things fleshed out, the story will write takes time..I've thought for years, I would write a book as I am getting older, thought its now or never...if no one reads it, that's family will get a kick out of it perhaps....LOL