Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday afternoon sharing

I got them done! these are the first 6....I think they turned out rather favorite is the snowman on the left..just love him...thinking about changing the ribbon to twine though....a little more prim......

These are going to the craft show..but I am planning on making more as they are quick to make especially having made these first ones, I know what I am doing......what I like most about them as no sewing machine...I'd like to make some with scripture or Christian motifs of some sort, have to get out my thinking cap .....these designs are from Primitive Stitches
here are ideas on how to use them from the above website.
YOU MAY TIE THEM AROUND: lamps, pegs on shelves, bed posts, doll arms, candle jars,
canisters and cabinet knobs.
HANG FROM: pegs, Christmas tree, door knobs

TIE TO: Christmas packages, baskets, wreaths, arrangements

PIN TO: Displayed quilts, pillows, dolls clothes
Attached side by side (leaving background fabric in between each) to create a wide rectangular pillow.

...I am also going to experiment with bread cloths.....
I went to the local thrift shop yesterday and found a very large sheet, I use sheets for my embroidery projects, you can get so much nice material very cheaply that way...the reason I mentioned it was, after I brought it home, I made an amazing has an entire hand embroidered border! Some of the embroidery was worn but the middle section is quite nice...

I was thinking of a bed pillow sometime in the future.

This weekend has been very nice, sunny and we even had to turn the AC on a little yesterday...Alan and I took a tour of the garden, what there is left of it and discovered 3 tomatoes for the plants we put in about 6 weeks ago, and 4 pumpkins..its still warm enough for the tomatoes....and these are supposed to be large ones..the pumpkins may be ready by Thanksgiving..
we've been putting grass clippings over the garden and where we have done it, no weeds! I am going to ask the neighbors for their clippings as their lawn is larger than ours..we dug up half of ours for garden this year.

and a praise report, we actually got paid! 3 big fat checks came in the mail on Friday..enough to pay our bills for this month and get caught up with our mortgage.