Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why these ladies decided to climb the water tower, I don't know..there seems like a lot is going on in this photo...I really like these type of old photos rather than the studio ones, don't you?

As several wanted more of Rose's words, I thought I would post another paragraph..here the subject is needlework in general and our early founding fathers..
"Struggling for bare life itself, against the forests, the grudging soil, the weather, the sea, they learned the differences between human beings was superficial and that a common need, a common hope, unite all humankind on this hostile earth. In sharing danger and hardship, they learned that every person was responsible for his acts; that each one makes his own life what it is and that all alike must struggle to survive and to make human life better than it is.

"This truth was not in the feudal idea that God creates inferior and superior classes of human beings. It was not in acts of Parliament and Kings. It was not in the schools that taught gentleman's sons the duties of their privileged status. It was not in the arts and writings that expressed the Old Worlds concept of the nature of man, and it was not in the colonies' social order of authority above, obedience below. But it was in the first American needlework."

I will continue tomorrow with the rest of this section as I think it is so relevant today..at least for me and hopefully for my readers most of whom do crafting of some sort...I've always thought I wasn't really an artist because I don't paint but after reading this, I'm coming to see differently.
I think the Lord is encouraging me as I've been in a flux state as far as crafting...I thought when I got my new glasses, I'd start making things again but really haven't...guess I needed to take a break.

Its a cool morning and overcast...."June Gloom" in May...we are trying to get things together for our oldest son's birthday which is the 16th. He will be 20. Its a hard age to buy for as most things he would like are so expensive. He just went to the DMV yesterday to get a motorcycle permit which I am not too crazy about...he has always been one to take chances and get the rush of excitement...He works full time so can buy just about anything he really wants which is usually some tech thing or clothes..now he wants to save and get a motorcycle.. I told him we were going to get him life insurance! I bought him a watch last year which he never wore but he might like a nice piece of jewelry like a chain necklace like some of the guys wear....a little "bling"..couldn't afford gold but perhaps silver? This will take more thought...
remember tomorrow is pet of the week! I checked with Donny but so far, Elvis is still waiting.