Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing Poodles
He was given up due to his owner having health problems....the owner had nothing but good things to say about him, he loves to be held and petted....would be a great companion dog for an older person, friendly and sweet. You will find him at Sun City K-9 Dog rescue......there are both pure breeds and mixes at the dog rescue and if there is a certain breed you are interested in, you can put your name in, when that breed is brought in, you will be called.

If there is a dog that has really tugged at your heart strings, you can help sponsor the pet until they are adopted...sponsorship helps defray vet and adoption fees......

New on Bandaid: he has developed a skin ailment and is in quarantine....this happens sometimes to rescue animals, he is under vets care and should make a full recovery.


We were able to pick up the new van last night and bring it home...really nice...Alan has two jobs today....he spent the evening getting it ready with all his equipment....he has 10 days to get it registered with the DMV so that is the last step. It was such a blessing to find a locksmith van already set up and we made some nice new friends too.....Don and Dawn are our age and he was a locksmith for 30 years.
I bought another petunia, this is a varigated one...

they are so nice this year and Home Depot had them on sale for only 2.00...couldn't resist....their bright color really lights up the patio...our backyard is mainly green and we need more color......the roses we planted a few weeks ago are not blooming now ...I think they are getting their roots established....
The good news is our fruit trees are all loaded and doing well....can hardly wait for the nectarines and peaches!