Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is a little card box I made from a cigar box.....its covered with vintage photos, accented with buttons......inside, is
several cards, some I bought on Etsy and some I've made..its nice to have cards in one location and organized for use.....the inside is lined with scrapbook paper and more photos on the inside lid.....
That is about all the photos I've taken....I took others but have to learn how to use the flash better...
I'd like to find more cigar boxes to play around with...I have some old family letters and it would be a nice way to save them, each stack wrapped around with ribbon.
The sun is out early today and our heavy gray cloud cover is gone.....its supposed to get hot later in the week. The moon flower seeds arrived so will see if I can get them into the ground soon, they are supposed to be soaked in water for 24 hours before planting.

A magazine I really like and subscribed to for some time is Cross Country Stitching.. its a cross stitching site and magazine.....the patterns are country inspired so may not be everyones cup of tea but I like the fact they use many scriptures. Here is the address - http://www.crosscountrystitching.com/..... I also have ordered many printed pillowcases for embroidery from this seller...she used to be only on Ebay but has her own store now......http://www.shoppalstores.com/calicospiceshop/....right now she's have a 10% off sale on everything in her store.....and her embroidery items are very good quality.

We have no stitching stores, or craft stores here and the local Walmart has discontinued all the embroidery items so it makes it hard. I have two organized boxes of floss but am wondering where I will find floss for special projects.... I do think perhaps I can order floss directly from
DMC....but not sure. My dream would be to buy the entire collection of DMC floss in every color but that can run into big bucks.