Monday, May 12, 2008


I had a very nice day yesterday......the boys got me my own digital camera! Now I can take my own photos and am having fun learning how ...this photo I took yesterday of some wave petunias on our patio turned out fairly well for a first attempt.....
this is the second photo I took of our toad on one level of the bank....
In the afternoon, we drove up and sold my the Car Max who gave us a good price and tomorrow early evening we will be picking up Alan's van....seems odd not to have my car key and not see it sitting on the driveway but I will be driving the Honda Accord which is a very nice car and a little newer than my Altima. Its easier to drive too.
Our oldest son, Donny surprised me and bought home dinner....authentic Mexican food, my favorite Chili Rellanos and a Carne Asada tamale,(plus beans and rice)..boy! talk about good eating...there is a good restaurant not far from here who has take out...he came walking in with bags of good smells.

Today was supposed to be his day off from the dog rescue, but he was called in as the person who was supposed to be there was sick...Don wasn't too happy about it as he and his brother had planned on going to Magic Mountain today....perhaps they will give him another day off...

Alan is off working early this morning.....someone called yesterday and wanted new locks put on as his wife has Alzheimers and has started to wander...he wants to be able to protect her and keep her dear mother wandered several times before I was able to get her into a care facility. Fortunately her neighbor and friend was watching and helped her get back home.
Poor dears..they get restless and go for a walk, then can't remember how to get home.
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