Thursday, May 8, 2008

I not only like old vintage photos but all sorts of labels, and old magazine ads........there are a few listed in Etsy right now....but this isn't one of them.

We were again really busy yesterday...Alan had a lock out at noon and our son Matt went with him.... a lock out is kinda sad...someone has lost their house and refuses to leave. The sheriff has to go in and escort them out, then the locksmith rekeys the house......most of the time the person has already left...I for one, wouldn't want to put myself and family through that but some do.
This was Alan's third lock out and no problem as they had left already. He was glad as its hard on everyone.....there are so many empty houses, I don't understand why banks do that..although I understand they have every right to. Nothing much has sold in our neighborhood and prices are really low....a house down the street from us, the same model is selling for over $100,000 less than we paid for of the largest houses in the tract, single story and nice yard.
On the up side, we are seeing a lot of people buying these houses in other areas and calling us to re key perhaps the real estate market will start turning the other way eventually.

We are becoming so busy, we decided to look into getting Alan a van....we looked on Craigslist and found a locksmith van already decked out for sale up in has shelves built in the back and has low mileage. The person is getting out of locksmithing for some reason and selling all his equipment also....but Alan has almost everything he needs at this point except the van. Its not too old either, a 2002 Chevy Astro. I would get his Honda Accord then to drive and I really like it, its easier to manuever in parking lots than the Altima which we will sell to Car Max. Sounds like a good plan, anyway.

I worked some on my little cross stitch project yesterday also in the have been studying the pattern for the tea cozy....I will have to go to Walmart for some fabric though as nothing I have is suitable. I think I will make the cat one.

The Lord has really been encouraging me in many areas.....through scripture, people, and circumstances.....the kids ask, "how do you know when God is talking to you?" The Lord is a gentleman and usually doesn't hit you over the head or yell in a loud voice....He is gentle and loving, always patient....He speaks to me through the scriptures which I try to read every day...through prayer, nature and other people. I've been trying to read the Bible in a year through an online Bible reading plan at