Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing BandAid!

Band Aid is a young Border Collie mix puppy. She was found and rescued while wandering the street and no one has claimed her. She is healthy and ready for her forever home. She is very friendly and sweet. Loves children. You can find her at the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue.

Alan had a total of 7 jobs yesterday, 7! That is the best we have ever done so far...I helped him in the afternoon on 3 of the jobs and then when we got home, there was a message on the machine
for another one here in town so off he went to complete that one. I was bushed after 3....he has a lot of energy for an "old guy". He is also a soccer referee during the AYSO soccer season. We are really thanking the Lord, truly He is lifting us up on eagle wings. Today at noon, he has a scheduled "lock out" on a foreclosed home...

I started a small cross stitched project I bought from Nancy at Huggins Haven...its a little welcome sign with sunflowers..small and easy, I thought it would be good to start back cross stitching with something simple. It felt good to pick up the needle again.

The first chapter of "American Needle Work" is so wonderful and inspiring...I wish I could share the entire chapter but that is just not possible.....the chapter explains the old World way of needlework and embroidery, stiff with borders, frames and part of the design can stand on its own and is very formal..
"Just as individual freedom suddenly released the terrific human energy that swept the Old World's Great Powers from this hemisphere and wholly transferred North America in a third of the time that these Old World Powers had held it, so this reversal of meaning gives American needlework an almost explosive energy. No other needlework is so alive. There are no more stiff forms in it, no monotonous repetitions. Leaves and flowers spring vigorously from living stems, buds burst open, squirrels frisk, deer leap, birds fly. Colors are clear and fresh and vibrant. No other needlework on earth is so strong, so free, so full of energy and movement."

The chapter goes on explaining the American women took the best of many countries and made each their own, from the Italians and the Russians for the cross stitch, the Spanish outline, the Danes, cutwork, Scots the woven plaid, the Scandinavians the hooked coverlet that we turned into hooked rugs, American Indian beadwork, Mexicans Aztec patterns and brilliant colors....and many more countries who contributed to the whole of American needlework.
The only craft that is total and completely American is the patchwork quilt...which is original to the 50 states....

I don't think I will continue sharing from this great book. You might check your local library to see if they carry it or can get it for makes a great read and not only that, there are tons of patterns too....the book came with a separate set of patterns. There is one for a cat sampler I might make once I get back in the swing of it...its wonderful.

The book is called American Needlework by Rose Wilder Lane, published in 1963. It is rare and special.
I couldn't leave today without posted a vintage photo..