Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Another good morning to you! how do you like this little person? For you doll makers out there, wouldn't she (or he?) make a cute doll? I know a few of you use old photos for inspiration....I guess this little person is wearing boots, at least that's what it looks like..and gloves too....the coat seems to wrap around the front and fasten at the shoulder or neck...

I helped Alan a little yesterday at a foreclosed house...when he went to re key it, he found the side garage door and the door into the house from the garage had been kicked in....the outer door wasn't even attached any more and the inner one wouldn't lock...guess the previous owner wasn't a happy camper about having to leave...lovely home though, and he did no damage inside.....Alan put a bid in for repair to the bank and they immediately accepted so we went to work.
He was able to replace the outer door and is going back this morning to finish the job and clean up a little...we forgot to take a broom yesterday. They just wanted the outer door fixed so I guess whoever buys the house will have to get the inner door fixed.
While we were there, several neighbors came over and said the owner had been a hot head. The HOA board president came over and said the previous owner had always been in violation of the rules...reminded me of a story our pastor told once...

An old farmer was leaning on his fence when a stranger came who asked him..
"what are the people like around here? We are thinking of moving.." The old farmer
replied "what were the people like where you are moving from?"
The stranger said "Oh, just terrible, nothing but problems, spreading rumors, lying,
not friendly.."
The old farmer said.."well, the same people live here" the stranger went away disappointed..
a day goes by and the farmer is again out by his fence when another stranger comes by..
and asks the same question..
The farmer again replied, "what are the people like where you are moving from?"
This second stranger says with a smile" Oh, just wonderful, friendly, helpful, we are really sad to leave "
The farmer said.."The same kind of people live here too, you'll love it".

Just a note..thanks Suzie for signing my guest book! Suzie is my niece and lives in Ft. Worth, Texas...