Monday, March 24, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends...we grilled steaks was a warm day, in the high 80s here....

While researching I found several really interesting old California photos, this is one of them..notice the tall catus in the background? Its one of the largest ones I've seen...
we also got a call from another REO agent, and now work with him also...that makes a total of 10 agents we are working for and with.....Alan secures the properties, checking all the windows, boarding up any openings and re keying all the locks...he also takes photos of the properties as a record as he is usually the first person inside after the foreclosure....I've heard that some people leave their pets behind but we haven't run into that yet...hope we don't! Alan does check all closets, drawers, etc. just in case....we heard about one house that had kittens locked in a closet...I know what you're thinking and you're right.

I got up early and made blueberry muffins...they smell so good....put a sweet crumb topping on them so they are a little crunchy when you bite into them. Very good and somewhat healthy, by using canola oil, Splenda, organic blueberries and walnuts..I think I shared the recipe before so won't do it again unless you would like it...please leave a comment if you would....the recipe is adapted from the first edition Betty Crocker cookbook..1950.

I also found more fruit crate labels....some really cool ones...and did you know by eating grapefruit you could stay young?

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