Tuesday, March 25, 2008

this is the famous Twin Inns of Carlsbad, Ca.....we've drove by it many times however never went there for supper....the rooster in the parking lot has been there for decades.....why is it called the twin inns? because at one time there was a similar inn in Oceanside, I remember it when we first moved there in the 1960s, but it was an empty shell, and soon after burned down...here is a photo of it in its heyday..

I started either a cold or an bad allergy yesterday afternoon, all congested and have a sore throat this morning....kinda hope its a cold as that will go away sooner.

we had stuffed baked potatoes last night for supper...Alan went to the store and bought the largest ones he could find and I cooked up some chicken tenders...then we added all the fixins...butter, sour cream, cheese...I made a salad too, from the lettuce we've grown, tomatoes and avocado....since I am trying to lose weight, just had a salad with the chicken tenders on top...it was quite good too...and a slice of cantaloupe for dessert...
I especially like this label for some reason..always been partial to plaid...my scotland heritage, I suppose.