Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Monday Morning!

Here is a very old photo..sweet baby girl..I craft with a lot of old photos...if you haven't seen my journal jars, please take a look, either in my
Etsy store or my online store....I am working on a cigar box ...I thought it would make a good box to store handmade greeting cards in.....with stamps and a pen...

I slept with a heating pad last night, seemed to help a little....hopefully today will be better for my back...not fun when you can't bend over....

we had a wind storm last night...lots of branches down and our portable basketball hoop blew over on the patio....made quite a noise in the night...the newspaper said that the wind in some places was blowing at over 70 mph!

I was outside yesterday watching the mourning doves...there is a pair and I think they want to nest in the sumac tree again but were leery as I had put a birdhouse in it that I got from Nancy Huggins, (you can check out her things through Inside Nana's Head on the side link list)so I moved the house to our fig tree instead....they are the sweetest birds...I really like doves...the topping on our wedding cake some 34 years ago now were two white doves.

Nancy is participating in the EZshoppe Yard Sale this week...I have put a banner link on the left side that goes to her booth...she is selling many Stephen King books, nice cross stitch kits, fabric, records, etc...don't you just love yard sales? I found several things I liked...what about you? She has one of the bird houses I got from her for sale also...the birds just love gourd birdhouses.

Please sign my guest are always welcome here to snag any of the vintage photos I post for your own collection...some of the ones I post are from our family and some I found in various places on the internet...all public domain so no worries!
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