Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here is one of the last fruit labels.....I've enjoyed posting them. They are so colorful....

Alan came back from working at the real estate office yesterday...God is really working...he went to talk to another lock smith business about getting buying some key blanks from them...the owner and he had a long conversation...Alan was telling him about his business, etc. and how he hadn't had any calls in two days..the owner looked at him and said "'ll have to do 3 jobs tomorrow, I guess"..when he
left to back to the real estate office, they gave him two jobs for today and we got a call last night for a there are the 3 jobs! Plus the locksmith owner said if he gets too busy, he'd call Alan and we will refer people to him if they need safe or auto work as Alan doesn't do that..
we also had a young couple come over and test drive the car...they offered us a good price so hopefully the deal will go through....they are supposed to call us today when they get their $ together.

I've had fun looking things up about Oceanside and remembering how things were back then...didn't mean for it to look like a travel brochure though...I've tried to find out more about where we live now, but as this is a fairly new area, there is not much online.....they do have a book out I will probably get one day. I always like to find out the history of where we live...
when we first moved here, many of the kids who came over told us about the Indian burial ground that is close by here...there is quite a few petroglifs and such near by ....and also the holes in rocks where they ground corn.
I did found out the name Menifee came from Luther Menifee Wilson who came out here looking for gold...he didn't find much but did mine quartz/gold, his house still stands....later this became mostly farm land which surprised me as our back yard was full of clay and large rocks...I mean large rocks...there are many outcroppings took us close to a year at get most of them out....we took several wheel barrel and truck loads out, mostly granite. Perhaps all the large boulders keeps this side of the city from becoming like the east side.

The east side of Menifee looks typical of most Southern California neighborhoods, wall to wall track homes..but the west side where we live, looks like the big sky country of Montana..lots of open land, dirt roads, and rural atmosphere...we love it. Alan has a lot of photos on his blog of the area if you are reading this and are
interested, just look at the blog list, Under Dogs Blog. we are still exploring here as we've only lived here a little over 3 years. For fun, we drive around the back hills, going down dirt roads to see what's around the corner....we used to do this quite often as a young couple and still enjoy exploring at our ripe "old" ages.

This post wouldn't be complete without a vintage photo so here is one I found of the old Oceanside train depot..

I am taking a break from posting tomorrow as its Good Friday but will be back on Saturday to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with you....God Bless!