Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just a view more memories of Oceanside.....I graduated from Oceanside High school in 1969....its a lot different looking now but this is how I remember it....it had wood floors and large high ceiling classrooms, I took typing in a classroom on the left hand side of the main building....and also a bookkeeping class....they offered many business classes at the time, something lacking in todays schools...plus home ec, wood shop, metal shop, art and auto mechanics..plus all the basic core classes.....I type fairly well even now, some 40 years later even though I learned on an old typewriter...
We had an open campus...Kay and I would walk downtown at lunchtime and eat at a place called "Lucky's Grill"......we'd order a big order of fries and share most of the time....right next to the high school was a little fast food place that sold tacos and hamburgers at 10 for $1.00....popular with all the kids naturally....

I got my first charge card...there was a department store downtown called "Huckabey's" and my mother would shop there...she knew Mr. Huckabey and he offered me a charge account....my limit was $100 which went a lot further then than today..I babysat regularly and would buy clothes and then pay them off....Huckabey's is the large tan store on the corner right...Lucky's Grill was on the left hand corner of the street. The high school was farther down the block out of camera range in this
photo. This is looking east.

I found quite a few great vintage photos of the area...the Oceanside Historical Society is amazing and if you are interesting, just google it for more information about Oceanside. Before I leave this though, I wanted to mention the Mission San Luis Rey.....the Queen of the Missions..it is so beautiful...here are two photos one old, one recent
the first one is from 1898, the river in the background is the San Luis Rey river which originates up by Mount Palomar. Click on the photos for a better look.

and this one is from 2002

Here is a close up...all the 5th graders have to do a Mission report and a model of the Mission....we went through two reports and models with our boys and both times it was fun....

I almost forgot! here is another vintage fruit label