Monday, March 17, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Cora of Hidden Riches has tagged me so here goes, taking a break from housework is always welcome.

1. My favorite candy isn't chocolate or caramel but these wonderful apple things
that are so so good, called Aplets....I love the Cotlets too which are made from apricots...I am not really a chocolate person.
2. My favorite things to wear are sweatshirts and jeans with sneakers in the winter and T shirts and jeans in the summer...its jeans all the way, baby..
3. I am secretly squirreling away funds through doing surveys for a used piano and have found a free online course (thanks Kay!) to take to learn how to play...this is my quest.
4. My favorite thing to get as a gift is a pair of slippers, what I've asked for at the last 4 Christmases...did I get them, a huge toaster oven, a deep fat fryer, a food processor, a waffle you notice a trend here?
5. I hate to clothes shop....guess its because my Mom and I did it so often for years and now that she's gone, its not fun anymore.....I do love to go to thrift shops and am a garage sale nut.
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