Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Journal Jars

I make these journal jars to help in preserving memories for our loved ones..each jar has over 100 questions to spur memories plus the jars are very decorative....I use vintage photos, old lace, buttons, etc. and have a lot of enjoyment in making each jar special and unique. Yesterday I posted the vintage western jar I made that had old Monopoly pieces on it of horseshoes and bits of rope....I have them on Etsy but it occurred to me to offer them to you also from the blog...they are usually 11.99 each but I am offering the jars for my blog readers at a reduced price of $9.99...and it costs 6.50 to ship...that is the exact shipping price. so if you would like one, please email can get my email address through the About Me section on the left.
If you have a certain theme you'd like, just ask...they do make a unusually nice gift.

Enough of the about another fruit crate label?