Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wednesday Chat

 Shall We Chat?

so glad to see everyone is on the same page about books..I love a good book... I am glad that people are reading again so I guess of one likes the Kindle or other e reader and starts reading..its not all bad.....Don and his fiancee gave me two books at Christmas, I just finished the first one which was about the Boston Strangler called "A Death in Belmont" by Sebastian Junger (he also wrote A Perfect Storm) .it was very good, well written and not a little terrifying....

The second book which I haven't started is called "Lost and Found" by Carolyn Parkhurst..Not sure what its about ..something about a round- the- world type game show and the interplay between the different contestants...family dynamics, romances, etc so it might be good..will let you know..I read a little every evening before bed with a cup of tea or hot cocoa...life's little pleasures.

We had a wonderful sunny day today. I was able to wash and hang out our sheets and pillowcases...another of life's little pleasures, slipping under freshly washed sheets that smell so good. We get windows of opportunity on the sunny days...its been cold and rainy most days.

I've been getting more material for the book I am writing ...its been put aside since the fire but this year I am committed to start again....

Work has been continuing on the garage...the tiles are back on the roof...the garage has been rewired, the insulation is in the walls and the drywall goes in tomorrow....I called our local power company and they will have someone come out  in the early morning  to take off the temporary box and put in the regular one for our internet, phone, etc. Still will be work to do but the end is in site...finally! I don't know if there will internet tomorrow so will post the night before.....it's been a long time coming....!