Monday, January 24, 2011

Good News about the Owls

I got a good response from the county about the burrowing owl site..they are very interested in learning more and protecting the nesting site...I sent them directions on the property so things are looking up...hope will be nesting time soon so  hope the little guys will be safe......guess I emailed the right people! The owls are considered endangered in Mexico and in several states...California is a little slow in getting them considered endangered here..probably because of the big real estate groups that want to pave everything over with houses. The entire field of about 15 acres is slated for houses least that is what its zoned for. We all wish it could be made into a nice natural wildlife park instead with walking trails but that remains to be seen..
We've been organizing our garage.....its almost completed..the electrician came over the weekend and we now have lights both inside and out....Alan's put up shelves in the attic portion for storage of our Christmas stuff...we are now waiting for them to epoxy the floor and a new fire door which had to be ordered...

I didn't know if you knew I have a Bonanza site with quite a few craft and cookbooks for sale......its called
Dani's Book is one of the cookbooks..

 this is a softcover book and has the best recipes.......All made from cake mixes...
We also found out that now Pillsbury has sugar free cake mixes and frosting's! We found some of the frosting at our local Ralphs store today after looking online...I've been fairly successful baking sugar free cakes but the sugar free frosting recipes are not quite up to standards so was delighted to find if you are on sugar free diet...check your local grocer and if they don't have it, ask for it......the frosting wasn't too expensive either.