Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Find Real Food at the Supermarket

 I found this flow chart on the Summer Tomato,
website...really cute..she says to consider it a supermarket GPS.....just click for a better look,.it is hard sometimes to find healthy food but with a little know how.....I am going to start using coupons again too but the only problems is many of the coupons are for things we don't ordinarily buy....I don't wear much makeup or use fancy shampoos or cleaning agents...we get our shampoo and cleaning supplies at the Dollar Store...same brands too....and for some things, like dishwasher soap..we go to Costco and get the big boxes which are cheaper in the long run. You probably do similar things.....

We canned a lot last year and have been enjoying the canned peaches, plums, figs and tomatoes.....the tomato soup recipe I got from Oodlekadoodle Primitives...it was from 1948 Kerr cookbook and is so good, please check out her blog as she has the best recipes.....this year I plan on canning at least a dozen quarts as we so enjoy tomato soup and a toasted cheese sandwich for supper. I'd like to can other soups too as there is nothing nicer on a cold evening than homemade soup....
Our weather has been really warm..in the 70s....and I've been putting all our wash on the line..nothing better than freshly washed and sun dried sheets!

I've been in contact again with the burrowing owl specialist and he said he would be coming down this week to examine the nesting site......he said he's doing a study to mark where all the nesting areas are in the county...the owls don't seem to mind people too much as long as their nesting area is undisturbed...there are a community of burrowing owls over by the Lake Elsinore high school.