Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another New Blogger and Urban Gardening

Just found another new blogger, Debbie from Sugar Mountain Memories just has started a new blog...she is a wonderful artist who has an Etsy shop also but the blog is new to her...and I must say, its lovely so please give her a hi and welcome....

Now, I did mention in a former post about our garden and planning on what we're going to grow this 2011....we have an urban garden..Menifee is a  new town..it was formerly farm land so there are still many open rural areas outside of the town center..our housing tract is on the outskirts so we have a rural feel yet we can walk to the shopping center which is nice...we have a large yard, over 12,000 sq. ft. lot so about two years ago, we started thinking carefully about the land and how to make it work for us....two blogs have been inspiring and helpful, Urban Homestead and Urban Homestead South Africa for us..so I'll share them with you..right now South Africa is in their spring/summer so if you are in snow and ice..(or not)..you might like to visit and get inspiration from the winter blues....lots of good tips about becoming more self sufficient, frugal and saving money.
The below photo was part of our garden  from last year.