Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitty Bungalow-Charm School for Wayward Cats

I am rather active on Facebook and am a fan of the Kitty Bungalow-Charm School for Wayward Cats....they help, socialize  and adoption of feral cats/ kittens in the Los Angeles area....they have a new website that is so much fun to explore....and to see the kitties that are available for adoption, just click on the  Our Students button at the top....
as you may know we lost our  cat, Smokie a few months ago. we have 3 others...the above cat is Tommy who is alive and well..Tommy is the clown of the group...very curious in whatever you're doing and into anything new..especially loves to play tag with his mother..
here is his mother, Tuppence who is one of the sweetest natured cats we've ever had..she will sit on your lap for hours, and loves to be petted...a real lap cat...very gentle and good natured.
last but  not least is Bandit

She is bit of a diva...the top cat of the first she was rather stand offish and haughty but has become much sweeter with time....she has a regal bearing. Through some research, we believe she is a Norwegian Forest Cat.
All our cats have been rescues...we found Tommy and Tuppence abandoned in an foreclosed house and Bandit was found at a  local animal shelter......
I hope you will check out the Kitty Charm School and see the good work they are doing rescuing feral animals.....its a worthy non-profit charity....and if you are on Facebook, please like them!

Did you know that Sal, the cat has been called for jury duty in Boston?
read about it here