Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inside Nana's Head and Changes

Nancy is having a Progresso soup giveaway on her get a free coupon for a can of Progresso soup plus some exercise equipment, soup is a good way to lose weight and is a filling lunch or supper.....hope you sign up and also check out her cute cat Inside Nana's Head

 On our walk yesterday we spied this red tailed hawk looking for a meal....there is alot of work being done in the field..huge equipment is there, breaking up alot of the rocks....we are both alarmed as this has been a nesting place for the burrowing owls....and I've sent emails out to the Fish and Game Department, I don't know if it will do any good though but at least I'm trying.......its a crying shame when progress destroys endangered and native animals .....we've seen alot of dead rabbits on the road behind the field they are getting displaced.....Alan spoke to one of the equipment drivers and he said they were breaking the rocks for fill to line the creek that is about a mile away. I don't think there was an environmental study done........