Friday, January 28, 2011

A Old Photo

My brother inlaw posted old family photos on Facebook..Low and behold! there was one I'd never seen before, this is  yours truly with hubby some 35 years do you like the shag hair cut? My mother in laws  house is very tiny but full of love and good times....coming from a small family ( I have one brother), I was a little overwhelmed by the Iowa family but fell in love with all of them..all of Alan's 9 brothers and sisters and my inlaws were wonderful to of course, most of them are grandparents.....its been 10 years since we've been back. I sure miss seeing many of their smiling faces.....we lost Alan's dad some time ago but Mom is still living and still lives in the tiny warm house....I am happy though as we do talk through Facebook...and if you haven't can connect with people that you may not have seen for years...I even found a old room mate from when I was going to college....40 years ago now.....
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