Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is My Fathers World

This video by Fernando Ortega is contemporary and wonderful..he puts the old hymns into a little new format which is very least I think so and hope you do sure to listen to the last verse as its so appropriate for the times we are living in...God is in is the history behind the hymn...
Maltbie Davenport Babcock was a pastor in the Presbyterian churches. He would regularly go out in the early mornings to a nearby hill to meditate and surround himself with what he called, His Father’s world. Babcock wrote one day,

“This world is the best for one who is called according to God’s purpose . . . How long we are to suffer or to serve is for God to say. Let us not look too much out of the schoolroom windows, or too impatiently at the clock. Until God’s time comes for us, this world is best for us, and we make the most of it and do our best for it.”

His love for what God created drew him to write the hymn, “This is My Father’s World.”

Our weather, unlike most of the country is very the 70s and 80s..Alan and I worked in the back garden yesterday.... trimmed the fig and sumac trees getting them ready for the spring.....hope we get some seed catalogs soon as we are both looking at the garden soil, wondering what we should plant this year..we've all been enjoying the canned goods from last year..especially the tomato soup so will grow more tomatoes for sure. It's too early yet of course, this warm spell is just temporary....I plan on pressure canning this year too...didn't last was just too hard living in the hotel as we were, driving back and forth between house and hotel.
The garage was painted yesterday, inside and out..and looks great..we are on the home stretch!..