Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rainy Saturday Musings

Hi, another rainy was cool but nice this morning, but it clouded up, the temperatures is dropping and rain any minute.
Alan got a call from a realtor so he had a long drive to re key a foreclosed home...someone had taken the lockbox off and the the house had to be re keyed again....
.yesterday afternoon I went with him to re key a house that had just gone into was huge home...I counted 7 bedrooms, large living room, formal dining room.....the kitchen was enormous with beautiful cabinets and granite counter tops....the family room had custom cabinetry, a large fireplace..really a nice large home.
What was surprising was the house was totally open, all the doors were unlocked. Some person was partially removed the lovely wooden floors in the living room, pulled up all the carpet, and even taken the granite counter/ sink from one of the downstairs bathrooms. We found it on the floor in one of the bedrooms. The house felt empty, dirty, and abandoned.....yet there were signs of the family who had lived there....3 bikes in the garage, and a basketball court in the backyard.
In the master bedroom, there painted on the wall in large letters, Kiss Me Every Evening....
I prayed for the family who had lived there and hope better days for them...We came back to our little modest home and counted our blessings....

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