Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Birthday

I turned 57 certainly don't feel that old....I have looked back a lot in the earlier posts of this blog and I think as we age, we do tend to look back to years before....but I don't want to dwell in the past but look forward to the future..There is still many things I want to do like:
1. Ride in a hot air balloon...they go over our house often and think how much fun it would be
2. Learn to play the piano....especially beloved hymns and rag time
3. Travel! I'd love to go visit my dear friends in Texas, also my brother and his
family....go back and see the family in down the East Coast and see
all the historical sites.....
4. I'd like to take a trip on a steam boat down or up the Mississippi
5. Visit the historical society in St. Louis and find out more about my great
grandpa...find his grave
6. Learn to needlepunch..
7. Live long enough to see my future grandchildren....
8. Go to Europe again and to Egypt and the Holy Land..
9. Write a great mystery book.

I have done a few of my goals,...did go to England and Scotland...have traveled cross country on the AMTrac sleeper train twice (which was a blast)....I've learned to
crochet and knit, and written this blog! plus lots more which would take too long to go into.....
Matt (our youngest) (16) made me a carrot cake for today. Our other boy had to work today....the dogs always need him although he wanted to stay home. My good friend and sister Kay sent me a wonderful long email and card which I was really happy is good and I owe everything to my wonderful Savior and Friend, Jesus!