Monday, February 25, 2008

Here is a school from 1911....kindergarten through high school...I don't know if this was a one room classroom or not..seems a little large for that....
Alan's mom grew up in a one room school house...her fathers farmhouse caught on fire, and burned to the ground...her dad saved all the kids, all 8 of them..he was burned badly and was in the hospital for some time...a real hero..
He and her mom raise all their children in the old schoolhouse that was on their property. One big room for all of them with an outhouse and no running water. They had a well. Later they did get running water but not for a few years. and yes, all the children survived, except one daughter who died of scarlet fever, and went on to lead successful lives and have large families of their own. Alan is one of 10.
When we were last there, the schoolhouse had been turned into a museum. People had donated desks and other schoolhouse furnishings. There was a brass plate on the front as a dedication.
here is a photo of the actual schoolhouse