Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is a family photo back in the early 60s....these are 3 of Alan's siblings, his youngest sister, and two of his 3 brothers out at their grandpa's farm....I can only imagine what it was like to go out to the farm most Sunday's after church to play in the fields and along the creek that ran through the back of the farm...what a great time to be a child...Alan is working on his memories of growing up in Iowa, working summers at his aunt and uncles dairy farm, lots of good stuff there and hope he posts it soon on his blog...with photos too..

speaking of has been suggested he go into free lance photography and I believe he is going forward with this idea....if you haven't seen his work, please go to his blog as he has many photos of the Menifee area. The photos on the side of my blog were taken by him also. here is the link --

He was a industrial photographer for his previous employer for many years and did many of the photos for their catalogs on a yearly basis. He doesn't have many photos of people so will be working to enlarge his portfolio ....for weddings, parties, etc.