Friday, April 29, 2011

Tale of a Beach Ball

Yesterday, we had two jobs in San Diego county....and while driving on the interstate...the car in front of us suddenly we were able to slow down when they sped up again, only to stop abruptly in the second late on the interstate..we hit our brakes but couldn't get over as there were cars speeding at speeds up to 80 on either side..needless to say, we hit the car......come to find out..the lady driver stopped for this large beach ball was on the road...that's right..she stopped for a beach ball....and yes, I know what you are thinking..her car wasn't damaged  mostly the bumper but ours is another thing...

the front bumper, the  hood, the side panel and more will have to be replaced.....we're afraid to open the hood as it probably wouldn't be able to fasten damage to the engine but our poor Honda! We also thought we'd be the one at fault as that is what normally happens with these type of accidents but it looks like her insurance is going to cover the damage..thank the Lord! No one was hurt, and we had been able to stop to a low speed (20) so the damage wasn't really bad...normally, we are going the speed limit which is 70...I hate to think what would have happened at that speed...I know I wouldn't be typing this post right now, that's for sure.

Guess what happened to the beach ball, you may ask?  as we looked in amazement, a large semi truck pulled up, the driver got out and put the ball in his cab..bouncing it along the frontage..weird, huh?

and even more strange..when we arrived at the house to do the re key..there in the living room....the same  beach ball..a little cleaner, but the same ball.....only thing in the room but a lone white beach ball.....
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