Saturday, April 16, 2011

Road Trip, Fallbrook

 We were called  to re key an escrow house in Fallbrook, Ca yesterday.....lovely trip as the weather has warmed up and it was only about 25 miles from home....the house was way up in the hills...lots of switch backs and wonderful views....we could hear all sorts of birds as we worked...and saw quite a few scrub jays..they don't have the most pleasant calls...sort of a screech but are pretty birds none the less with bright blue wings..
The house looked like it had been built and never finished...the inside was a blank canvas but so much potential! Lots of Mexican tile, two bedrooms, one bath (not finished), french doors, and a nice tiled pool...the views off the two acre partial were wonderful....the garage was huge least a 3 car garage..
This view is of the two French doors, the one on the left goes into the living room, the one on the right is a bedroom....the house isn't very big, more a cottage size.....tile roof...
the inside living the back would be the you can see, not finished..but the Mexican tile floors are very nice...on the far right is the bathroom..not finished but does have a tiled walk in shower....below are some views from the large yard in the back...
Pool and Spa
We both agreed we really liked it..even though it was way out in the a long drive to get groceries or go to the doctor....but perhaps worth it for the peace and quiet.....
Here are a few scenes on our way back off the mountain.....we stopped along the road and took a few photos of some prickly pear cactus, and other can click on any one of them for a better view.

Avocado trees
Hope you've enjoyed seeing our neck of the woods!