Monday, April 18, 2011

French Iris

My dear friend sent me some French Iris bulbs about two years ago...they've really grown and this year we are having the prettiest flowers! aren't these gorgeous? actually, they've grown so much, we will have to split them this fall as they're taking over....all the plants (3 large clumps) are just full of buds...we haven't really done anything special to get so many might have been this last winter which was colder and wetter than any case, we are enjoying them!
As far as the weather....over the weekend, it got downright hot...over 90 on Saturday and 85 on, its gray and in the 60s...with drizzles....go figure.

We also went back to Louies and got more plants for the garden....2 more types of melons and 3 more tomato plants......the honeydew melon plant that we had disappeared! we think a squirrel got it......we have quite a few ground squirrels being on the edge of town....they like to eat munch on the ducks food..and last year they did some damage to the strawberries and tomatoes.. other than squirrels, we don't have to worry much . There are very few bugs...and the ones we do get, the duck eats...she absolutely loves slugs and grubs, crickets, stinkbugs, pill bugs, any creepy thing....and has even eaten a mouse which had fallen in her water bowl!